Reso passed authorizing Bayron to sue Paleco

The City Council on Monday approved a resolution authorizing Mayor Lucilo Bayron to file a case against officials of Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO) and other parties who may be involved in the recent power interruptions.
Bayron himself had called for the filing of charges against the cooperative’s officials last week after city residents complained about the worsening electricity service being provided by PALECO.
Councilor Peter Maristela urged the city government to include the independent power providers in the case.
Kasi kung Paleco lang ang ating kakasuhan, para na rin natin iniligtas yung power providers from their failures,” said Maristela.
Assistant city legal officer Anna Fatima Chavez said the city needs to undertake a fact-finding before they can file a case.  She said that there should be a thorough investigation on who shall be subject of the complaint, and whether to include the power providers.
There is a necessity on our part for fact-finding investigation, this is to determine the liabilities, o kung sinu-sino ang kasama sa case, kung Paleco lang ba or included ang power providers?” said Chavez.
Last week, city residents experienced daily power interruptions, prompting the City government to call for a public meeting among various consumer groups.
PALECO had stated that the recent power interruptions were caused by the problem in the main power lines of Napocor that connects to the cooperative’s distribution system.

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