Environmental authorities in Puerto Princesa City are closely monitoring the health of a juvenile female rough-toothed dolphin that was rescued on Sunday after becoming stranded on the shores of Sitio Labtay in Brgy. Napsan.

The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) and experts from the Large Marine Vertebrates (LAMAVE) Research Institute Philippines were involved in the rescue effort.

According to Jovic Fabello, spokesperson for PCSDS, the wound on the dolphin is consistent with those caused by cookie-cutter sharks, and has been receiving treatment from LAMAVE’s veterinary team for the past days. The juvenile female measures 218 centimeters in length with a circular length of 99 cm.

He said the wound has already been treated by a veterinarian from LAMAVE, Dr. Alessandro Ponzi.

Efforts were made to release the cetacean back into deeper waters, but it voluntarily returned to the shallow area, indicating potential health issues that may be preventing it from swimming in open waters. The team continues to closely monitor the situation and the condition of the dolphin.

“Ang mga sugat ay kagaya ng sa cookie-cutter shark. Nagamot na din ng dokto ng LAMAVE. Sinubukan siya palanguyin kaninang umaga pero bumalik sa pampang (The wounds are similar to those of a cookie-cutter shark. They have already been treated by a veterinarian from LAMAVE. We attempted to release the dolphin back into the sea this morning, but it returned to the shore),” Fabello told Palawan News on Monday.

The stranded dolphin was discovered by villagers on Saturday, April 22, who promptly reported it to PCSDS for rescue, as documented and recorded by photographer JB Bisquer.

“Yong dolphin, na rescue siya noong Satursay afternoon. Tapos sabi ni mama, baka puwede ko puntahan kasi na report na sa barangay, pero baka wala pang report sa PCSD. Sabi ni mama, kunan ko ng pictures para isama sa report (The dolphin was rescued on Saturday afternoon. Then my mother told me if I could go and see it because it was already reported to the barangay, but maybe not to the PCSDS. My mother said I should take photos to include in the report),” Bisquer said on Monday morning.