Retrieved body parts of the 10-year-old son of a seaweed farmer in Balabac, who was recently missing after a crocodile attack. (Photo courtesy of Balabac MPS)
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The remains of the 10-year old boy who was snatched and killed by a saltwater crocodile in a remote village in Balabac on Sunday was found by a local search team late Monday.

Police Staff Sergeant Rodrigo Padul of the Balabac Municipal Police Station (MPS) said the victim was found by a search team that included his father, Robincio Suraping, in the mangrove area of Sitio Tagpanasan, Barangay Salang, Balabac town.

Padul said only the head and leg of the victim, however, had been found and were buried immediately according to Muslim practice.

Earlier reports indicated that the victim was riding on a boat along the river in Barangay Salang with his two siblings when a crocodile suddenly sprang out of the water and dragged him underneath before disappearing.

Police Sgt. Allanvic Macasil, investigator of the Balabac MPS, said they are coordinating with the Palawan Council for Sustainable Developmen (PCSD) Staff to determine their next course of action.

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Macasil also appealed to Balabac residents to avoid the mangrove areas where crocodile attacks are possible.

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