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The provincial government is seeking the help of municipal governments and fishery offices in regulating the catching, selling, and trading of spiny lobsters.

Board member Ryan Maminta, author of the resolution, said Tuesday doing this will protect the welfare of the marginal fisherfolk from unscrupulous individuals who buy them at low prices.

Maminta said that lobsters, being one of the “economic engines” in southern Palawan, should be protected. However, there is apparently no local government policy that does this.

“Lobster has been proven as an economic engine in southern Palawan because it is a commercially viable marine species that attracts both fishermen and buyers,” he said.

He said that a large volume of spiny lobsters is being collected in the barangays of southern municipalities, but is not being regulated, especially because mass harvesting also collects their eggs.

“There is no known regulation on the sizes of lobster being collected which leads to [the] indiscriminate collection of egg-bearing ones, and small-sized ones or those less than 12 centimeters. [There is also no control] on the volume of lobster catching that causes gradual depletion of marine resources,” Maminta added.

He also added that fisherfolk usually get small profits for their catch.

Imposing policies and regulations can protect the rights of the small and marginal fisherfolk which is in consonance with the existing environmental laws.

“There is a strong and urgent need to make suitable and effective management through appropriate municipal legislation,” Maminta added.

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