Reclassification of Araceli and Dumaran lands urged

A resolutions seeks to reclassify private properties in Dumaran and Araceli (photo from:

A resolution was filed this week at the provincial board seeking to reclassify the towns and Araceli and Dumaran as alienable and disposable land, which will pave the way for the titling of private properties in the two island municipalities.

Board Member Roseller Pineda, in a resolution, urged 1st district Representative Franz Josef Alvarez to file a bill in Congress which he said will also benefit tourism in the two municipalities..

Pineda said the present classification of the towns’ as timberland has made it difficult for tourism investments to come in and for property owners to have security over their land holdings.

He noted that while cadastral surveys had been undertaken some 15 years ago, initially raising hopes for local residents and farmers to have their own titles, there had since been no progress in its reclassificiation.

“May actions na ‘yan dati kaya lang parang nagkaroon ng mga problema. Kaya papaano na lang ang mga ginagawa nating promotions in terms of tourism? Dahil wala silang tenurial instrument, sayang lang ang lupa,” Pineda said.

He said the present timberland classification are already incongruous with the reality on the ground and prevalent land uses of build-up areas and farmlands occupied for generations of farmers.

“Kapag ganyan hindi s’ya for multiple use kasi government property, pwede kang pagbawalan at hindi mo pwedeng galawin for investment, actually hindi lang ‘yan sa Dumaran at Araceli marami ‘yan sa Palawan” he said.


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