(2nd of two parts)

The world of the Patriarchal society
Is nothing but War from one century to another. The world has engaged in wars for thousands of years now.

War and Poverty become a norm. A never ending history of war and bad politics. Humans were merely living for survival.
But I do acknowledge the progress done by many great men and leaders but we can do better when women is part of the scale for balance. Women shouldn’t be a second class citizens around the world. Men came from women, and that’s a fact we cannot deny. So why women be of less value than men?

Even Mother Earth is furious. There’s Karma in all things that humanity do.

The global warming is a man made problem. We are the solution.

The Patriarchal world society I hope will notice more good women to help in public offices and Churches and all Civic duties.

We can look back to learn from the past but I believe that we should be moving forward, progressing in knowledge and wisdom, both physical and metaphysical, for we are it.

As a human we are both physical and metaphysical (body and spirit and soul). The Soul is the mental faculty of a human.
The body lives with physical food such as bread. The spirit lives with love and happiness.

I believe that when there’s a balance in power between men and women that the problem in world peace and poverty can be resolved much easier and faster.

Mothers, daughters, sisters and Nieces are the symbol of Love and Motherhood. Give them power and regard them as a balancing scale and we can see a peaceful world; more loving, kind and just. Abundance will be enjoyed by all not just by the few.

As a woman denied with my Rights to study as I wish, it has become a burden for me and I can only empathize with what women go through from day to day.

I understood the evolution of our species. To this day I’m still wanting to understand the theory and the hypotheses of Civilizations 0-7 or the Continuum. This is quite a very interesting subject introduced by Nikola Kardashev, physicist. But for quiet sometime I’ve thought of such possibility. In 2005 I wondered about Apes and Humans and God.

In my next writings, I’d like to expound on this subject matter. Understanding our Source and our Evolution will help ease the pain we go through from day to day.

Accepting our reality while embracing optimism is like medicine.

The good and the bad, the beauty and the ugly, the happy and sad are all part of our physical, mental and spiritual growth as a Human.

It is my utmost desire to be heard, to spread mindfulness and to exercise the power of our God given brain. I’m no expert.

I’m a student myself but I see the power God has given us. It is for our happiness and for our advantage to use the power so wisely to create a Happy World.

Everything in life should equate to happiness. Because if it isn’t then everything we toil under the sun is but in vain.

I would like to share the teachings of the spiritual Neuroscientists-The Power of the Human Brain. I call it “The God Method and the Brain.”

This is one of my biggest interest I want to share very soon.

Our politics, religions, businesses and education have dissected humans from each other as if we are an alien from each other. The separation is so immense to make us think that we are separated from each other and from everything.
The theory of Separation is like cancer to humanity.

The teachings of Love, Peace and Joy from all religions did help to remind us that we are One.

To understand the “Theory of Everything” by Stephen Hawking is another source of knowledge to know that there’s only one Law of Nature and One Law of Attraction, that everything above and below are but One. One source of Love and Life.

Our progress as Homo Sapiens will be dependent on our Unity and Love.

These two words are so powerful but at times underestimated.

I believe in Science and Technology but without Love and Unity our Technology can annihilate our Human species on the face of the Earth.

Hiroshima Japan in 1945 was a perfect example how science can destroy the good will of the people.

I wish to spread awareness, for love to be of greater power and of greater value on earth more than anything else.
This is the key for planet Earth to become a civilization 1.

Love is the key for mankind to progress.

A civilization 1 is a planet where poverty is unknown , War is illegal, Jail is unnecessary, Education is superb, Women are of equal value with Men, Egalitarianism is truly practiced, Mathematics and Science are so advanced. Spirituality is embraced by each one for we are a metaphysical being, beyond physical and non-physical.

Our energy will come directly from the Sun, powering the whole earth. Forget about the brown outs and black outs. It’ll be unheard of.

Travel will be faster, countries would feel so close and humanity would feel like a family.

Money won’t be the form of exchange but the value of a human life itself.

It is our highest calling to help God Create heaven on earth. It’s no magic. We are part of this divine project. Do not underestimate the power of humanity. We are given the power to build as we are given the power to create and procreate.
We also have the freedom to destroy.

I’m a person without religion but I love and I respect all.

Even in the book of revelation (Bible) it is written that heaven will come down to earth. Earth isn’t going up to heaven (Revelation 21).

Love is the most powerful agent to unite all of God’s creation to unite for a greater purpose.

By then we would see realms beyond ours. Perhaps when we fix our immigration system here, We’ll be given a chance to be part of the interplanetary travel where we will have the privilege to see other life outside of planet earth.

Elon Musk is already on the move to terraform Mars. We are heading in that direction although many are opposed to the idea.

The progress of humanity are both physical and metaphysical. The two should always go hand in hand as we are both physical and metaphysical or both body and spirit. The two are inseparable.

Dreams can be so wild and funny.

But this dream I have is noble and happy. There are many utopians out there. I’ve met many. Called Change by many names; RBE is one of many.

If things do not equate to happiness, everything is but suffering and the survival of the fittest. If life is all for survival then where’s the beauty and the art of living? Life can be a mundane and boxed in. It’s hell.

The theory or philosophy of God would seem so futile. And God must be in pain to see our human race regressing instead of progressing.

It has been foretold that knowledge will increase. We are given the promise to have a life and a future.

Hell isn’t nowhere to be found but on earth as it is, now; It’s our very own creation. A distortion of the paradise God has in mind for us. We cannot be an idle to just leave all the work to God alone. We are part of the grand plan. We are given the Brains to create heaven on Earth. We are an active part of this work of Magic if you will, or We are the Engineers of this world project with God. God being our head Engineer to complete the work. Perhaps we are almost there. If true that earth is at 0.73 civilization then we are just 0.27 apart to become a civilization 1.

The .27 may take 100 years or a millennium but it is for sure True that our present generation is playing the role to get there. We can perform good or bad. It’s up to us. The Choice is Ours.

If we have the power to create hell then we also have the power to create heaven.
It’s our Choice. It’s our own making and God is there only to bless or curse. Been known in history that Earth was once the dwelling place of the giant humans. The Anakites and the Nephelims were mentioned a few times in the Old Testament. Other religious and secular books have also written about the Giants. They are nowhere to be found now. In North America alone, a lot of human giant bones were excavated.

Only the small humans-us, who have survived this far.

Does it tell us something?

We are the once who are called to create heaven on Earth.

The big humans became proud and violent. Nature and God annihilated their DNA on Earth.

If we the small humans will follow their path, we are no different than the giant humans.

We have the chance today to cure our globe that’s warming up too much. We have the power to alter our history for the good of our human species.

We are called to help God create heaven on Earth. Will you?

Albert Einstein wrote…

The great physicists, Oppenheimer and Einstein have had regretted being born into this planet after the event in 1945. The Nuclear Bomb they’ve created made hell on Earth even worst. It can annihilate Humanity is a matter of minutes.
After millions of years perhaps Planet Earth can be revived and a new life will evolve. It’ll be ashamed to not see a human roam around. Supposedly, the highest intelligence amongst the animal kingdom.

The proud will be humbled and the lowly will be lifted up, enjoying their existence. Perhaps one day only the dogs and the cats and animals will enjoy planet Earth. Sounds like a joke, right?

But I pray that we will never be so dumb and proud. I pray for love to reign on earth so all of humanity can enjoy peace, happiness and prosperity.

I believe there’s hope for humanity.

As long as God exist, the force of good will continue to exist.

I encourage everyone to walk on the path of Buddha and Jesus, to walk on the path of righteousness for peace and happiness for all. Not just for the few but for all for we all are God’s creation and God’s children.

There’s no brown, black, red or white. All of Creation have different varieties from small to large and We humans are nature too. We must learn to love and accept our differences.

We love and respect each one because each one is nature.

The love for Mother Earth and cleanliness must be practiced to create heaven on earth.

Love must be the most powerful agent to create heaven on earth. Love is our means of survival and happiness for Love is of God.

Prophets and prophetesses of old and the Saints will echo the same message to humanity until Humanity will love more like God to be more god like in nature.

Death is the enemy to all but it’s not. It’s a reminder that we are but stewards of planet earth and are passing by, that we must leave this place much cleaner, kinder, fairer, just and loving than we first got here.

It’s my sincere desire to bring a spiritual awakening for this coming year 2023.

We are in the year 7 in 2023. Seven is a spiritual number. The year 2022 was the year of Love. I saw people loving Mother Earth and caring for each other. The coming new year will bring humanity and God much closer.

We can take a look at politics, religion, science, technology, education, history, archeology and business to understand what level of civilization we are in today. To see what are our human potential and what we could’ve accomplished with the knowledge and technology we currently have.

Do not think that these subject matter are separate and independent from each other. We live in a universal symbiotic relationship.

Everything is One and One is Everything. This is the magnificent theory of Everything.