Puerto Princesa has clinched six awards in the 2023 Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index (CMCI), a nationwide competition that involved participation from 1,000 local government units across the Philippines.

The city achieved rankings in several pillars of the CMCI this year, including Rank 16 Most Competitive in the Economic Dynamism Pillar, Rank 17 Most Competitive in the Efficiency Pillar, Rank 6 Most Competitive in the Infrastructure Pillar, and Rank 14 Most Competitive in the Resiliency Pillar.

In the overall assessment, Puerto Princesa secured an impressive Rank 15 as the “Over-all Most Competitive” city and a remarkable Rank 5 as the “Most Improved in Rank.” This achievement reflects the city’s dedication to continuous progress and development.

In a commendation letter from DTI Regional Director Rodolfo Mariposque, he congratulated the city government and expressed his belief that the city can maintain or even surpass its current rankings in the coming years.

He also expressed gratitude for the city’s active participation in promoting regional competitiveness on a national level.

The CMCI, spearheaded by the DTI, is an annual ranking system that assesses local government units based on their performance in economic dynamism, government efficiency, infrastructure, resiliency, and innovation.

Puerto Princesa’s journey in the CMCI began in 2015, and in 2020, it earned the distinction of being the “Most Improved Highly Urbanized City.”