Puerto Princesa City will hold its first tribal festival dubbed “Pista Y ang Cuyonon” on August 2.

Vice mayor Nancy Socrates, who had pushed for the passage of an ordinance institutionalizing the event, said it is intended to celebrate the “Cuyonon culture” and ensure its preservation for future generations.

“We are inviting everyone to our first celebration of the Cuyonon Festival. Sana maka-join lahat kahit hindi mga Cuyonon. Pero siyempre ateng mga bugtitinay, ateng mga parente, mga tangay nga Cuyonon. Hindi puwedeng hindi kamo ag pa-sakep diya para kanaten. Diya ateng unang-unang selebrasyon aneman dapat doto kamo,” Socrates said.

The celebration will start with a morning mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, followed by face painting for participants and guests at the Plaza Cuartel, a Cuyonon custom dubbed as “purongitan”.

An “iristoryan” or dialogue by prominent Cuyonons will be held at the People’s Amphitheater in Mendoza Park after a parade.

“Marami silang maikukuwento about the Cuyonon culture, about Cuyo, and that would be documented for future generations,” Socrates said.

Also to be featured are different kinds of Cuyonon music, literature, and dance presentations or the “Paloa nga Cuyonon”.

There will be a presentation of the “erekay, pontial, tipano, birso, kanta, and saot, and barailian”.

Socrates said there will be a search for the best “headdress” during the parade and a dance contest for the “pinondo-pondo” set in the afternoon.

Cuyonon cuisine will also be made available during the event.

Socrates said she expects the participation of Cuyonon families during the celebration.

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