City Councilor Judith "Raine" Bayron (4th from left, first line) and CSWM program manager and city information officer Richard Ligad (3rd from right, first line) flex the new trash bins with the solid waste management personnel. | Photo from Richard Ligad

The city administration has installed new rubbish bins in various areas across Puerto Princesa to collect and temporarily store solid waste materials created by individuals, homes, and commercial establishments.

City Solid Waste Management (CSWM) program manager and information officer Richard Ligad said 701 units of 240-liter and 317 units of 660-liter trash bins were placed in strategic locations to keep public spaces clean and tidy by providing a designated place for people to dispose of their waste, preventing littering and illegal dumping.

They were placed in Rizal Avenue, Manalo Street, Abad Santos Street, Mabini Street, Tiniguiban Highway, Abanico-Socrates Road, Tagburos area, San Jose, San Manuel, San Pedro Highway up to Junction 1, Balayong People’s Park, City Sports Complex, bus and jeepney terminal in Brgy. Irawan, and some parts of Malvar Street.

“Kung mapapansin nyo po, may mga bagong trash bin tayo sa ilang mga piling kalsada. Naisin man natin lahat ay bago, ngunit sa panahon ngayon ay hindi pa natin kaya (If you may notice, we have new trash bins in some selected roads. While we would like to have everything new, in the current situation, it’s not yet feasible),” he said.

At present, the CSWM has only been able to place large trash bins in certain areas. However, he said they will also be installed in schools areas, aside from the aforementioned locations.

Ligad asked city residents to care for and protect the new garbage containers as if they were their own but warned against carrying them inside their yards because they are needed by the entire community, not just one household.

May mga strategic area tayo na mga pinaglagyan nyan sa ngayon. Sana ay pangalagaan natin ito at ingatan natin na parang sariling gamit nating lahat pero wag naman po sanang sosolohin (We have strategically placed them in selected areas for now. Let us take care of and protect them as if they were our own belongings, but let’s also avoid hoarding them),” he added.

He also requested everyone to be disciplined in disposing of their garbage properly. (with a report from R. Rodriguez)