The Puerto Princesa City Police Office (PPCPO) released a comparative report indicating a considerable drop in the city’s crime rates during the first five months of 2024, with a notable decline in the total number of eight focus crimes compared to the same time in 2023.

The data shows that from January 1 to May 31, a total of 40 incidents were recorded, down from 58 incidents during the same timeframe last year. This marks a reduction of 31.03%, a trend in the city’s efforts to enhance public safety.

Captain Maria Victoria Iquin, spokesperson of the PPCPO, said on Friday that the installation of additional police stations and increased police visibility have significantly contributed to the decrease in the city’s crime rate. These measures, along with improved response times and the formation of Neighborhood Crime Watch groups in the city’s barangays, have strengthened the overall security and safety of the community.

Furthermore, the activation of two Police Community Precincts in Brgy. San Miguel and Brgy. San Jose, along with the establishment of a forward base in Brgy. Bacungan, have played important roles in enhancing police presence and operational efficiency.

She said these strategic initiatives have collectively led to a more effective crime prevention and response system in Puerto Princesa.

“Nakatulong po dito yong pag-establish ng tatlong police stations. Isa rin sa mga dahilan yong makikita ninyo yong aming police visibility—kahit na nag-a-administrative work, nagre-render din sila ng at least two hours na police visibility,” she said.

Among the specific crimes, cases of rape saw the most substantial decrease, with incidents dropping from 22 in 2023 to just 7 in 2024, representing a 68.18% decline. Physical injury cases also saw a significant reduction, falling by 57.14%, from 7 incidents last year to 3 this year.

Murder cases were halved, dropping from 4 to 2 incidents, a 50% decrease. Similarly, special complex crimes, which previously recorded one incident, reported none this year, indicating a 100% reduction.

“Meron din kaming itinatag na Neighborhood Crime Watch—pinili muna namin yong may mga matataas na may crime, tulad ng sa Barangay Sta. Monica. Gumawa kami ng group chats sa bawat purok at doon may mga paalala kaming binibigay, halimbawa ang pagsasara ng mga pinto at mga bintana ng mabuti. Nakakapagbigay rin sila ng impormasyon, halimbawa may mga hindi kanais nais na nangyayari,” she said.

However, not all crime categories saw declines. Theft incidents slightly increased by 7.14%, with 15 cases reported this year compared to 14 last year. Robbery incidents also rose by 28.57%, from 7 to 9 cases. Homicide cases saw an increase of 50%, rising from 2 to 3 incidents.

Both motornapping and carnapping incidents remained unchanged. Motornapping retained its single reported case, while no cases of carnapping were reported in either year.

The PPCPO attributes this overall decrease in crime to enhanced policing strategies, community engagement, and strengthened crime prevention programs. They emphasize the importance of continued vigilance and cooperation from residents to sustain this positive trend.

Iquin said Col. Ronnie Bacuel, the city police director, and other officials of the PPCPO, remain committed to further reducing crime rates and ensuring the safety and security of all residents and visitors in Puerto Princesa. They urge the public to remain proactive in reporting suspicious activities and to participate in community safety initiatives.

She stated that as the city moves forward, the PPCPO reaffirms its dedication to maintaining law and order, with the goal of making it a safer place for everyone.

The PPCPO ranked No. 1 in the Police Regional Office Mimaropa Unit Performance Evaluation Rating (UPER) for the month of May 2024.