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The Puerto Princesa City Incident Management Team (IMT) has issued new guidelines for all categories of travelers residing in the city, with more requirements imposed on authorized persons outside residence (APOR).

APORs are now required to write a letter of intent addressed to IMT commander Dr. Dean Palanca, which should be approved before purchasing an airplane ticket.

Returning locals and overseas workers are now only required to undergo a seven-day quarantine in designated facilities and a mandatory seven-day home quarantine afterward.

As of December 3, 2020, the city IMT is requiring all returning Palawan locals, overseas workers, and APORs on all sorts of business trips to adhere to specific guidelines before booking a flight to Puerto Princesa City.

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Local stranded individuals (LSIs) coming home to Puerto Princesa City should secure the following documents:

1. Travel Authority obtained from the PNP COVID-Shield from their place of origin
2. Coordination/Acceptance Certificate from the city’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which they can obtain by calling the following numbers: 09061966486 / 09653148399 / 09518614892 / 09387944004 / 09653148399; or e-mailing
3. Medical Certificate issued no more than seven days before their travel date, obtained at the city/municipal health office of origin
4. Proof of residence in Puerto Princesa City (if any)


Returning overseas Filipinos (ROFs) with residence in Puerto Princesa City are now required to obtain the following:

1. Negative RT-PCR test result not later than seven days
2. Bureau of Quarantine Certificate or a ROF Coordination/Acceptance Certificate from the city’s EOC (same numbers and e-mail address used for LSIs)
3. Certificate of Employment from their employment abroad
4. Proof of residence in Puerto Princesa City (if any)

APORs, who are usually government officials or private persons on official business, are now required to have a negative RT-PCR test result not later than 3 days (72 hours) and must take a Rapid Antigen Test 24 hours before their departure from the city. A letter of intent must also be sent and approved by the IMT 2-3 days before booking their flight. The IMT announced that all APORs without an Acceptance Certificate cannot enter the city.

The letter of intent must be sent to

Other requirements include an APOR Travel Authority from the PNP COVID-Shield of their place of origin, a valid company ID, a travel order from their company or office – which should contain a detailed itinerary of their business trip in Palawan – and a roundtrip plane ticket. APORs must also have a booking confirmation from their accommodations, which must be an establishment affiliated with the IMT.

Also, if an APOR is staying for 4-7 days in Palawan, they must undergo mandatory three-day quarantine at their accommodation. A rapid antigen test is needed after the three-day quarantine, to which they must test negative before exiting the facility. If they are staying for only 2-3 days, no mandatory quarantine is needed, but they must still take the antigen test 24 prior to their flight to Manila.



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