Mayor Lucilo R. Bayron led other city government officials in the potting of mangrove seedlings, as part of the Love Affair with Nature.

Puerto Princesans planted over 7,000 mangrove saplings in Sitio Bucana, Barangay Iwahig, in the revival of Love Affair with Nature, the city’s way of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The event, now in its 19th year after being postponed for three years due to the COVID-19 outbreak, was themed “a vow to fight climate change” and included 109 couples who exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony presided over by Mayor Lucilo R. Bayron.

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office (City ENRO) prepared around 8,000 seedlings of several mangrove species for planting in the approximately two hectares of denuded mangrove forests in Brgy. Iwahig.

Vice Mayor Ma. Nancy M. Socrates stressed the need of planting mangroves not just during the Love Affair with Nature festival, but on a daily basis, to counteract the negative consequences of climate change.

She also said that aside from planting trees, there are other ways to exert other efforts to care for the environment.

“We have seen and felt the negative effects of climate change, that’s why we need to strengthen our efforts by continuously planting trees,” Socrates said.

We can do this everyday in our surroundings and in the community. And we can also add other efforts that will help like proper handling of wastes through segregation and practicing reuse, reduce and recycle. We have to continue loving and protecting our environment because in doing so, we are loving and protecting our families, our communities, our nation and the entire world,” she added.

Bayron emphasized too the importance of protecting and rehabilitating mangroves not only for the present but also for the future generations.

He said the City ENRO has laid out plans where aside from planting, they will also conduct potting of seedlings that will be planted in the future staging of Love Affair with Nature.

He also explained the importance of mangrove forests as it serves as home and breeding ground to several wildlife species.

“We need to know the importance of mangrove forests as habitat and nesting area of wildlife, and also breeding ground of fish and other marine species,” he said

“Mangroves also serve as our first line of defense as it protects us against tsunamis and storm surges,” he added.

He also urged citizens to assist in the repair and preservation of mangrove forests.

“We should be proud that we are one of the Local Government Units who can boast of wide mangrove forests, that’s why I’m calling on everyone to help,” he said.