The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) said Puerto Princesa Bay is still positive for paralytic shellfish poison that is beyond the regulatory limit.

In its latest bulletin no. 15 dated August 29, BFAR said all types of shellfish and Acetes sp. or ‘alamang’ collected from Puerto Princesa Bay are still not safe for human consumption.

Puerto Princesa residents are still advised not to consume shellfish from Puerto Princesa Bay. The ban for collecting, selling, and consuming shellfish from the area is still up.

However, the advisory said fish, squids, shrimps, and crabs are safe for human consumption provided that they are fresh and washed thoroughly, and internal organs such as gills and intestines are removed before cooking.

The red tide phenomenon is due to the accumulation of some microscopic algae, mostly dinoflagellates, in the coastal waters.

The toxin can affect fish, birds, marine mammals, and humans for days or months.

Meanwhile, the advisory said Honday Bay and coastal waters of Taytay, Palawan, remain to be free from toxic red tides.