A city doctor appealed to the public recently to have patience and understanding if they cannot be immediately assisted at satellite clinics or hospitals, instead of resorting to filming and posting videos on social media to subject them to unfair attacks and nasty criticisms.

Dr. Ma. Teresa Wycoco made this plea in a post on Monday, emphasizing that health workers are also human and get tired and hurt, but remain dedicated to their jobs as public health frontliners.

Their only request, she stated, is for a bit of understanding and consideration for their situation, especially when prioritizing patients with more urgent conditions.

She made her post after her staff at the satellite clinic experienced what she described as unfair treatment, which was swiftly shared on social media.

“Hindi niyo alam if gaano kapagod at kapuyat, lalo itong nakaraan, kahit ako walang puknat ang refer kahit anong oras. Yong iba kasi pinalala ang sakit bago itakbo… or hindi emergency, [pero] kung kelan [lang] nila gusto,” Wycoco said.

The public doctor emphasized that while it’s their responsibility to care for patients, their relatives and families should also understand that they are not the only ones being attended to.

She explained that with 3-4 duties to manage and over 10 patients to attend to, including consultations, situations arise where some patients, such as those giving birth, may need to be prioritized due to limited immediate care resources.

“[Pwede] po bang hatiin [ang] katawang lupa? Wag naman pagpiyestahan sa FB [ang] mga bagay [na ganito]. Nasasaktan din ang mga taong nagseserbisyo 24/7,” Wycoco stated, noting that they shouldn’t be subjected to ridicule immediately for just a slight delay.

She also criticized gossipmongers like Marisol (mareng taga sulsol) and Marites (mare, ito ang latest) for exacerbating the situation, leading to them being mobbed on social media.

Dr. Wycoco stated that she commutes to the satellite clinic, where she serves as a public doctor, three times per week. Irrespective of the quantity of patients she must care for, she maintains her dedication due to her love for helping people.

However, she was also hurt by someone who complained without understanding. She said she felt “downhearted” because of this individual, whom she did not name.

“If may pagkakamali man kami, pasensya na. Pero sana din itrato din [kaming] tao, hindi robot. Nagkakasakit na din [ang] ibang staff namin. Sino mag-aalaga sa inyo? Sa dinami dami ng pasyente, sana makita nyo din yan,” she said.