Puberty: This is kind of a big deal

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“23 pimples left, oh yes”,

Bakit ganon? Sinabon ko naman, ayaw kumins!

“I feel weird”,

“Dear pimple, gigil mu si aquh”,

I hear such expressions every day among my friends, “the society of teens”, as they are all facing puberty. There are two types of those who are undergoing adolescence: 1. “The chill”, a person who doesn’t care at all, and 2. “The Hulk”, one who always gets mad over pimples, body odor, acne, or mood swings. To be honest, I am the second type because of my irritating germophobia. Imagine I am standing by the side of the road and a car speeds past, and all the smoke coming from it and the dust from the road is being absorbed by my face, which means more pimples! That’s why we are going to tackle my experiences, tips, and how I have tried to avoid being “The Hulk” from the start of my puberty until now.

Two Years of experience, more to go

“Experience is the best teacher”, they say, and they are right. In my two years of understanding, I have encountered many things, such as having my face break out in pimples. I faced mood swings for more than a year, and this was stressful because I didn’t know what I felt and it was weird because sometimes I would get mad very easily. Behavior is what we should pay attention to, for this is the hardest to control during adolescence. Pimples or body odor are easier because we can still prevent them by just washing well or by taking a bath.

Puberty tips: This is what I do

  1. Always wash your face and your entire body to prevent bad odor and the pimples but do not prick those. Washing does not work 100% but at least you lessen your pimples and any bad smell.
  2. Consult your parents whenever you feel some emotional ups and downs because mood swings are part of puberty, and you do not know why you feel like that. Only adults can understand what you feel because they have already encountered this kind of emotion.
  3. If you are more independent, whenever you feel an unknown emotion, just learn to control and cope with it, think positively or do something that makes you happy such as gaming. (This works for me!).
  4. Accept gaining weight as you grow because that is also part of puberty. For teenage girls, be prepared for menstruation, track your menstrual cycle if you want. For boys, wet dreams are normal and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.
  5. Be Bruce Banner, not the Hulk. As I said earlier, there are two kinds of teenagers who are undergoing puberty, “The Chill” and “The Hulk”. Learn to control yourself and accept all the changes that are happening to you; they are just normal. If you are germophobic like me, don’t be lazy about taking a bath or washing your face. Be Bruce Banner.

Puberty and adolescence are easy to handle if you know what is happening to you. But you must treat yourself and your symptoms like breakable materials; handle them with care.


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