TERESITA RODRIGUEZ LARDIZABAL-SALVA BUILDING: Palawan State University (PSU) president Dr. Ramon M. Docto (fourth from right, front row) poses on March 5, 2019, with the family of late university president Teresita Rodriguez Lardizabal-Salva in front of the library in the building that was named after her. Big Salva (third from right), the second child of the late president led the family in attending the event. Also in photo is former police senior superintendent Cezar Mancao II (second from left).

A building that was turned into a new library at the Palawan State University (PSU) has been named after late university president Teresita Rodriguez Lardizabal-Salva to honor her achievements and contributions to the institution.

PSU president Dr. Ramon M. Docto said Tuesday that Salva is the first university president whose name was given to a building that will now become the important storehouse of knowledge to young minds in the campus, as well as others who wish to use their facility for their research.

“This is to honor the past presidents [of the university]. Simula lang ito because next will be the other presidents also. The late president Salva had contributed a lot to what this university has become today, and naming this building to her is our way of showing appreciation to her exceptional leadership,” Docto said.

Big Salva, the late president Salva’s second son, said the naming of the library building for his mother was a welcome recognition of her life dedicated to the school as a passionate educator during her time.

“We were thankful, we are happy, of course, since we knew for a fact that our mother served the PSU well. She dedicated her life to the school. She’s passionate about teaching and being an educator. Honestly, on the family side, all her life, she dedicated it to the school. We hardly saw her before because it’s either she’s teaching or managing the affairs of the university,” he said in a separate interview on Thursday.

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Big said they are also planning to request PSU to allocate one floor to serve as the repository for the works, dissertation, speeches, and books of his mother.

He said these should be highlighted for students to know that PSU had achieved and worked during Salva’s time as university president.

“I think these should be highlighted, these should be given a place in the library so students of today will be able to know that the school did work during her time,” he said.

He mentioned that her mother had a strong personality that was similar to the late senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, which was known for being expressive of her thoughts and comments.

He said it was the late PSU president, Dr. Jeter Sespeñe, who mentioned during Salva’s 40th memorial service that the school will name the university library after her mother.

“When my mother died in 2015… so we were invited to the university to the 40th memorial service and at that time, si president Sespeñe mentioned it and he said the school will name the library after my mother but it never became a reality. Only now that it became a reality… from that promise, ngayon lang nangyari,” he added.

He added that he had asked his brother-in-law who currently holds a cabinet rank in Malacañan to help in the possibility of constructing a building or converting a hall that would serve as a center of knowledge regarding the late president in all libraries in Community Resources and Development (CCRD) units of PSU.

He said the plan would be hard to do, but they hope their family could fulfill their promise, saying it will benefit all the students in the CCRD units.

“I asked him if it’s possible for him as a cabinet member under the Duterte administration to also construct or convert a hall, construct a building of knowledge for President Teresita Salva Library in all CCRD units of the school. So I hope, the family can fulfill the promise. It’s so hard to do that but probably, little by little the family could do it,” he added.

Along with the dedication of the building to Salva was also the formal opening of the Oscar and Susan Evangelista reading room on the 3rd floor of the university library.

There is a specific corner allotted for the reading collections and some authored books of Prof. Oscar Evangelista and Dr. Susan Evangelista, which they donated to PSU.

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