The provincial government disbursed a total of ₱30,956,506.58 for local social pensions to senior citizens across various municipalities in the province in 2023.

According to the Provincial Information Office, 9,788 elderly individuals received pensions amounting to P500 per month from January to December 2023.

Palawan Governor Dennis Socrates expressed an ongoing commitment to support the elderly, particularly in meeting their needs for medications and sustenance.

The aid was personally granted by the employees of the Provincial Social Welfare & Development Office (PSWDO) to Palaweños classified as Indigent Senior Citizens, falling under the ‘Aid to Senior Citizens Program’ of PSWDO.

According to Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Abigail D. Ablaña, the continuous provision of local social pensions for the elderly is a testament to the care and love of the Provincial Government for this demographic.

“The Local Social Pension for our Indigent Senior Citizens is our way of giving back the care they deserve and our moral obligation to respect them as they have contributed to what we are today,” Ablaña said.

Aside from the local social pension, three centenarians from various municipalities in the province were granted a centenarian gift amounting to P10,000 each. Meanwhile, other elderly celebrants received a P2,000 birthday gift from the provincial government.

The PSWDO also continues its coordination with the Provincial Federation of Senior Citizens Association of Palawan (FSCAP) and Municipal OSCA Heads, holding regular meetings to convey important government programs for the elderly.