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The proposed P10 increase in the subsistence allowance of detainees of the Provincial Jail Management Division (PJMD) has been approved by the Provincial Board.

It was approved on Tuesday by the PB following a request from the office of Governor Jose Alvarez dated February 6, 2019.

Governor Alvarez specifically requested for the approval of Resolution No. 1, Series of 2019, from the local finance committee.

Board member Leoncio Ola, chair of the appropriations committee in the PB, said the existing subsistence allowance of the PJMD detainees is only P50 daily.

Committee on appropriations chairman board member Leoncio Ola said the existing subsistence allowance of the detainees and prisoners.

“I moved to approved the proposal considering that the increase has been asked by the local finance committee for the increase of prisoner’s allowance from P50 to P60 daily,” he said.

The subsistence allowance is the money provided for the food, clothing, and other necessities of the inmates.