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The provincial government is doing well and is on the right track after the first six months of his administration, Governor Victorino Dennis M. Socrates said.

Socrates said that the province is fortunate to have been spared a natural disaster after being struck by typhoons for several years in the previous years.

“During the first six months of our administration, first and foremost, there was no typhoon or any big calamity. Previously, when December comes, we know that something is happening so now that there is none, we are thankful to God,” he said.

The chief executive of the province has stated that despite the fact that he is not new to the provincial government, he has had a long period of adjustment because there is a significant difference between his previous position as the vice-governor and now as governor.

“I’d like to think that somehow, we are managing. Ako naman, yung management style ko ay consensus. I don’t have attachment to specific direction or project. Kung ano yung gusto ng nakararami, ng constituents, yun ang gagawin natin,” Socrates told media in an interview when he visited the Sangguniang Panlalawigan on Tuesday.

“And so far, aside from usual problems ng mga delayed salaries, I think we’re doing well, on the right track,” he added.

Socrates also noted that the provincial government is doing well because he has not received any complaints from local government units.

“Hindi na tayo kailangang maghanap ng malaking achievement, malaking proyekto. Tumakbo lang at gumana ang sistema, ayos tayo. It’s an attitude that I hope more politicians would share,” he explained.

Having realized that a local chief executive has numerous responsibilities, he stated that he cannot devote his full attention to a single project without neglecting others.

Another realization he said is that in government especially for politicians, process is more important than results.

“My attitude is generalist. As I have said, I don’t want to be involved too intensely in a particular field or project. I want the view from afar so I’m relying on the department heads,” he said.

“Wala tayong control sa result. Masunod lamang ang proseso at yung design naman nun is papunta sa resulta. Maayos ang takbo ng pamahalaan kapag ang proseso ay nasusunod,” he said.

He added that while there have been no discussions yet, he is considering holding another Usapang Palawan summit and will consult with the provincial government’s department heads.