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Taking notice of the Filipino’s supposed habit of coming late to their appointed time, the Provincial Board on Tuesday approved a resolution enjoining all national and local government offices, private television and radio stations, and all private agencies and establishments in the province to ensure that all their timepieces display the Philippine Standard Time (PhST).

Authored by Board Member Ryan Maminta, the resolution acknowledges that “time is a vital component in the social, legal, political, religious, military, and economic activities”.

In proposing the resolution, Maminta said this measure should help cure the so-called “Filipino time” mentality, or what he noted was the tendency of Filipinos to be late in their appointments.

“Filipinos are known for the cliche Filipino time which meant being late, and the strict implementation of the law is a huge step to make Filipinos aware and to be better in (sic) timekeeping,” the resolution stated.

“Developing a culture of punctuality and practicing wise time management will allow us to be exponentially more productive at home, school, and workplace,” Maminta stated.

The resolution calls on all offices to set their official time devices to the official time as provided by the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

“The aforementioned offices should coordinate with the PAGASA at least once a month regarding the synchronization of their timepieces and devices to accurately and precisely determine the time,” Maminta’s resolution stated.