Provincial board backs Hontiveros bill on mental health act

Provincial board endorses Mental Health Act of 2016

The provincial board endorsed this week Senate Bill 1190 or the proposed Mental Health Act of 2016, stating the measure will benefit Palawan.

The resolution, authored by Board Member Eduardo Modesto Rodriguez, said the measure being pushed in the Senate by Sen. Risa Hontiveros seeks to establish a national mental health policy for the purpose of enhancing the delivery of integrated mental health services, promoting and protecting persons utilizing psychiatric, neurologic and psychosocial health services.

“I believed through this, it will be approved and will help our constituents suffering from disorder,” Rodriguez said.

According to Rodriguez, as noted by the World Health Organization (WHO), mental neurological and substance use disorders are common in all regions of the world affecting every community and age group across all countries, regardless of income.

While 14% of the global burden of disease is attribute to these disorders and most of the people affected do no have access to the treatment they need.

As provided in the bill’s explanatory note the people with mental disorders experience disproportionately higher rates of disability and mortality.

For instance, person with minor depression and schizophrenia have a 40% to 60% greater chance of dying prematurely than the general population, commonly as a result of suicide which is the second most common cause of death among young people worldwide. Furthermore, disorders frequently reduce sufferers and their families to poverty.

Homelessness and inappropriate confinement are more common for people with this problem than for general population, also worsen their marginalization and vulnerability.

Rodriguez cited the 2012 WHO report stating that there were 2, 558 cases of Filipinos committing suicide, averaging 7 suicide cases per day.

“Baka lalo na ngayon, nadoble pa ‘yan,” he added.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) also reported that 1 in 5 Filipino adults has a form of mental illness, topped by schizopherinka, depression and anxiety.

“Malaking tulong sa mga Palaweño na mayroong ganitong problema, sa aming munisipyo nga pala halos 89 people mayroong ganito. Malaki laki rin ang populasyon na naapektuhan nito sa probinsya,” he said.


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