Governor Jose Chaves Alvarez vowed this week to step up the provincial government’s campaign for the ratification of Republic Act 11259 in a forthcoming plebiscite, by focusing their efforts on the “undecided” voters in the barangays.

“Nag-imbentaryo kami sa mga barangay para after January 3, doon na kami sa barangay. ‘Yong mga undecided ang papaliwanagan namin,” Gov. Alvarez said.

He reiterated his prediction that the yes vote will garner an overwhelming turnout, and dismissed the opposition to the measure as being few and isolated.

“Ang mga no hayaan na ‘yon kasi kaunti lang naman ‘yon,” he said.

Speaking during the Pakimanan ta si Gob on Tuesday, Alvarez said he is expecting that majority of the Palaweños are in favor of the creation of two additional provinces.

He said that March 2021 is the target date for the two-day voting and they are now just waiting for the calendar of activities approved by the Comelec En Banc.

“I see that we will start to make provincial centers for the three provinces, I see that there will be more assistance from the national government in terms of preparation so that the three provinces will have a successful election in 2022 and the other national government offices will start locating themselves in the three provinces,” Alvarez said.

In addition, he said that these activities will be until the end of his term in 2022.

“Full activity tayo but as I have informed you I will be only up to the election of 2022 [kasi hindi na ako tatakbo],” he said.