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Palawan local officials are pushing for the partial opening of the Puerto Princesa City International Airport to allow for commercial flights that will facilitate travel not only for stranded residents and overseas Filipino workers but also for individuals specifically “invited” by both the city and provincial governments.

The proposal was formalized through a letter signed by Governor Jose Ch. Alvarez and Mayor Lucilo Bayron and addressed to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

In their letter, dated 10 June and coursed through CAAP Area Manager Efren Nagrama, the province and the city explained that the flights are intended only for mercy flights and not for tourism and leisure purposes.

“This is just for reuniting families and loved ones and not for tourism or leisure purposes,” Alvarez and Bayron stated.

“Passengers shall only be limited to ROFs, LSIs, APORs, and those invited by CGPP (City government of Puerto Princesa) and PGP (Provincial Government of Palawan),” it added.

The letter request also stated that the flights will be subject to health standard protocols, including RDT testing for arriving passengers.

All passengers will also be required to obtain health certificates from the concerned LGU and travel authority from the local Philippine National Police (PNP).

The formal request letter was released on social media by the City Information Office.