(Photo courtesy of Jeannah Fernan)

“Kuya Kambal”, as he is known around the Provincial Capitol complex, usually starts his morning rounds peddling a basketful of goodies to employees.

Last Monday, he went around with a big smile on his face, lugging a tarpaulin announcing his son’s passing of this year’s Civil Engineer Licensure Examination (CELE).

The Board of Civil Engineering (BCE) on Friday announced 6,510 new civil engineers out of its 15,075 takers for the November 2019 Civil Engineer Licensure Examination (CELE). Jay-R Aban Gomez, Kuya Kambal’s son, was one of the lucky hopefuls who got his license.

Todi “Kuya Kambal” Gomez is known to be a “very diligent and hardworking” aide inside the Capitol compound. He sells peanuts, egg rolls (lumpia), and other types of manioc (kakanin) to employees who would usually clock in early without having their breakfast.

Jay-R, Kuya Kambal’s latest source of pride, said that he has nothing but respect for his father’s hard work in providing for his family.

“Thank you sa inyong lahat, papa, salamat ng marami. Ako na naman ang babawi sa inyo ni mama,” Jay-R said.

Furthermore, a certain Jeannah Fernan who posted his viral photos online said that several employees could attest to all the “hardships, struggles, and sacrifices” Kuya Kambal has gone through.

“Kuya Kambal has been very diligent and hardworking—humbly selling mani, lumpia, and turon every day. Sa bawat opisina ng Provincial Capitol,” Fernan’s appreciation post said.

Much has been said about labor and sweat; millions of Filipino citizens hurl through the “daily grind” for their dreams. Most of the time you hear stories of wanting to give up, but sometimes, you see a speck of light that overshines all your struggles.

Maybe, just maybe, it really is all worth it. Take it from Kuya Kambal.