Two separate hacking incidents were reported Wednesday by the Police Provincial Office (PPO) in the villages of Capayas in Dumaran town in the north and Isugod in Quezon in the southern part of Palawan.

The victims were identified as carpenter Rolly Vigonte, 46, a resident of Sitio Aguinaldo, Brgy. Capayas in Dumaran, and farmer Eleoterio Ferrer, 69, resident of Purok Langka, Brgy. Isugod in Quezon.

Vigonte died as a result of numerous hack wounds from suspect Jeric Factor, 20, a construction worker. According to the police investigation, Factor attacked Vigonte on the back of his body, nape, and neck when he was at his home preparing for lunch on October 4.

The police report said that Factor’s motive was “revenge,” but did not elaborate. He fled from the crime scene and is now the subject of a manhunt.

In Quezon town, victim Ferrer was allegedly hacked by suspect Joselino Sase, 43, also a farmer and resident of the same purok.

The police investigation said he was on his way home with his 9-year-old son when he decided to visit Sase. But Sase was reportedly under the influence of alcohol and had a heated argument with Ferrer, which resulted in his hacking several times in the body with a bolo and a piece of wood.

Ferrer sustained wounds on his head, neck, and left arm. He was brought to the hospital in Quezon and later transferred to another for intensive medical treatment.

Sase was arrested and is now under the custody of the Quezon MPS.