Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

PNP marks 117th Service Anniversary

The Puerto Princesa City Police Office (PPCPO) head officers and visitors at the 117th Police Service Anniversary in the city, with the theme “Pagbabago sa Hanay ng Pulisya, Hatid ay Ligtas na Pamayanan Laban sa Korupsiyon, Krimen at Iligal na Droga.”

As the Philippine National Police marks its 117th Anniversary this year, police officers in the country are expected to adhere to the Constitution and rule of law.

Senior Supt. Benigno Durana, PNP spokesperson, told Palawan News that this year’s anniversary emphasizes their “neutrality and allegiance as an enforcement organization to the Constitution, the Philippine flag, and Filipino people.”

Durana said they will always uphold the Constitution and ensure that every order they obey is in accordance to the established rule of law.

“That is well ingrained in our values and principles, that we are an apolitical (politically neutral) organization, and that [is where] our loyalty resides. There’s no question about our loyalty to the constitution, klaro ‘yan. If it is an illegal order, an outright illegal order, definitely we will not do that, and definitely, if that official is responsible, he will not give illegal orders.” Durana said

Durana noted that the Constitution is a “clear and specific document that is readily accessible to the general public.”

Being faithful to the constitution is what the law requires of them he said adding that “Filipinos, including those higher authorities above them, expect the PNP to be loyal to the Philippine Constitution.”

Most of the police officers in the Philippines, are willing to do what is right and are being faithful to their oath,he said.

“Ang sinumpaan namin we’ll die for ialay namin ang aming buhay nga, the only profession that our lives can be put at stake, para sa kapakanan ng ating mga mamamayan. May mga tiwaling pulis din naman talaga, pero mangilan-ngilan ‘yon, but the majority, they are faithful to their oath and to what is expected of them based on the law,” Durana said.

In Puerto Princesa City, the city police marked the celebration on Monday with a pledge to follow the Constitution and fight corruption, crime, and illegal drugs.

Senior Insp. Pearl Manyll Lamban Marzo, PPCPO spokesoerson said this year’s celebration has a theme “Pagbabago sa Hanay ng Pulisya, Hatid ay Ligtas na Pamayanan Laban sa Korupsiyon, Krimen at Iligal na Droga.”

Marzo said the anniversary focuses on adherence to the Constitution.

The Constitution is not “a common discourse” in police stations in the city and other parts of the country, they want to let the public know that they regard it highly and respects it, she said.

“Since hindi naman siya (Philippine Constitution) [gaanong] nata-tackle dahil tayo ginagawa lamang natin ‘yong ating trabaho, ginagawa natin ‘yong ating tungkulin. Ngunit kung ano man ang tama, ano man ang nasa batas, ‘yan ang ating pinapatupad at sinusunod,” Marzo said.

Marzo said the celebration also aims to generate change in the police force “by upholding their integrity, demolishing corruption, and eliminating crime and illegal drugs.”

We trust the national headquarters to “filter” all the orders and directives, including the statements of the president, before sending the command to them, she also said.

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