Following the success of its inaugural episode, PN Conversations is set to return with a discussion on the West Philippine Sea dispute.

The second episode will be held on July 5, at the Palawan State University Amphitheater, aiming to bring this critical national issue closer to the public.

Redempto Anda, publisher and editor-in-chief of Palawan News, expressed his gratitude for the community’s positive response to the first episode of PN Conversations. The event was met with enthusiasm, featuring respectful and insightful discussions that set a high standard for civil dialogue in Palawan.

“The success of our first episode demonstrates the power of respectful dialogue. We are thrilled to see the community come together to discuss important issues in such a constructive manner,” Anda said.

Building on this, the upcoming episode will delve into the complexities of the West Philippine Sea dispute. The agenda promises a comprehensive examination of the issue, ensuring that the public gains a clear understanding of its various dimensions. Key discussion points will include historical context and legal perspectives on the dispute, security and diplomacy, and the economic and environmental impact of the conflict.

The episode will also analyze the economic benefits of the West Philippine Sea’s resources, including fishing grounds and potential energy reserves, as well as the environmental concerns and the impact of territorial conflicts on marine ecosystems.

Anda emphasized the importance of the upcoming discussion by bringing in objective voices for the community to listen to amid the alarm exacerbated by misinformation

“This episode is crucial for informing our community about the West Philippine Sea dispute. By understanding the complexities of this issue, we can better engage in national discourse and advocate for our interests.”

“The proliferation of fake news and fear mongering around the West Philippine Sea dispute has made it even more essential to provide accurate information and foster informed discussions. PN Conversations aims to combat misinformation by bringing expert insights and factual analysis to the forefront, helping the public navigate through the noise and understand the real implications of the issue,” he added.

PN Conversations, an initiative by Palawan News, aims to foster a culture of open-mindedness and respectful conversation, crucial for Palawan and the entire country, especially in an age where misinformation spreads rapidly.

The event is co-presented by the Palawan State University – College of Arts and Humanities Communications Department, Communications Society and Extension Office, the Palawan National School Humanities and Social Sciences Department, PNS-Young Social Scientists Organization, Tatak ni Tatang and Infinite Media and Techmart Solutions.