Pinoy bands appeal to fans for restraint

6CycleMind and Banda ni Kleggy advise the Baragatan audience to avoid misconduct while enjoying their performance tonight at Cory Park.

Popular bands 6CycleMind and Banda ni Kleggy which are performing Friday night at Cory Park have issued an appeal to the public that will watch their show to avoid making trouble.

In a press conference prior to the show, 6CycleMind frontman Tutti Caringal warned they will stop their performance at any sign of unruly behavior from the audience.

“We’ll actually stop, and then we’ll tell the crowd, kung hindi kayo titigil, hindi namin tatapusin ang show. We are all here to have fun, always remember na safety first. We want the crowd to enjoy. Gusto lang natin masaya, so siyempre cooperation na rin ‘yan ng mga tao,” Caringal said.

The bands are set to perform as part of the ongoing Baragatan festivities.

Caringal said it is a common scenario that the audience sometimes gets wild in rock concerts, especially when people are under the influence of alcohol.

He added however that based on their experience, people usually respond and calm down when their attention are called.

Rye Sarmiento, one of the song-writers of Banda ni Kleggy and 6CycleMind, urged the public to simply enjoy their show.

“Enjoy-in natin ‘yong gabi and be responsible, since may alak, gawin nating masaya ‘yong event. Maraming nag-prepare for this event, so enjoy-in natin, sayang ‘yong gabi. Balita namin masaya ‘yong Baragatan Festival,” Sarmiento said.

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