Pilmico empowers farmers thru ‘Mahalin Pagkaing Atin’ program

Celebrity Chef Pablo ‘Boy’ Logro demonstrating food carving to the audience at the Pilmico Food, Agri & Livelihood Expo at the City Coliseum.

Pilmico, an affiliate of the Aboitiz Group of Companies, has introduced to Palawan its program “Mahalin Pagkaing Atin”, which the company said is aimed to sustain farming as a business.

Nori Bermudez, Pilmico Vice President for Sales, told Palawan News the program was developed in 2014 to promote sustainable entrepreneurship through promotion of local produce and instill a pride of product, pride of place mindset for both farmers and local consumers, thus enabling operators to maximize profit without passing through middlemen.

One of Pilmico’s objectives is to make the farming business sustainable and this will happen for as long as there is a continued patronage of the farmer’s produce and the farmers sells their produce at the profit.

“Through the project, we want to empower backyard farmers that they serve a higher purpose and that their being farmers is not a consequence of their poverty. Instead, we want them to look farming as a viable business which they enjoy the advantage of first-hand experience which they can easily transfer to their children,” Bermudez said.

Their livelihood assistance in Puerto Princesa recently intended for the farmers was conducted at the City Coliseum in line with the 105th founding anniversary of the Province of Palawan. They distributed 30 piglets at 3 piglets per beneficiary-each with one–cycle feed consumption, 10 egg machines at 2 sets per beneficiary, 48 layer chicken per set each with one-cycle feed consumption.

Bermudez added they are teaching the farmers business skills such as computing and recording on a regular basis.

Aside from the assistance, the group also extended to the farmers beneficiaries provision of feeds and training. Pilmico also have technicians and veterinarians on the ground who made frequent visits to the farmers.

Pablo “Chef Boy” Logro, a TV host and celebrity chef, said that Pilmico’s program has extended assistance to a substantial number of low-income farmers. He said that these farmers were not only trained in raising hogs but also trained for slaughtering and cooking.

“Adequate food supply and food security in general should be everybody’s concern,” said Bermudez, considering that everybody consumed food and agricultural production and agri-related trade and business are significant also to the country’s economy.

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