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Regional and division heads of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), the government’s official public information body, are appealing the dismissal of director general Ramon Cualoping III owing to suspected corruption.

Since July 22, a copy of the petition that authorizes PIA deputy director general Benjamin Felipe to speak on their behalf has been circulating in the media, demanding Cualoping’s removal on the grounds that he supposedly does not reflect and exemplify the current government’s call for unity.

The petition, which had already been sent to Malacañang, was intended to remain internal and subject to due process, but it has nevertheless reached the media.

“We stand by our petition against the reappointment of Ramon L. Cualoping III and for him to step down as PIA’s Director General under the Marcos administration,” the statement said.

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“We will not stake our names, career positions and reputations by making false allegations against a government official who has always brandished his strong ties with the powers that be. We have served under previous directors-general and we have been flexible to their individual and distinct leadership styles in carrying out the Agency’s mandates,” they stated in the petition.

However, they said they are drawing the line when they “see abuse of power and authority and unlawful practices that breed corruption.”

They swore that they would not turn a blind eye to the blatant abuse of authority and misappropriation of government resources.

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