Photographer Chin Fernandez has captured the stunning avifauna of Coron, and his pictures are on display as part of the town's Kilit Festival.

A local nature and wildlife photographer from Coron is pushing for the protection and conservation of the avian fauna of the island town by showcasing them in his works.

Chin Fernandez, a member of Birdwatch Coron, highlighted the group’s advocacy in his exhibit “In Framed Bird Photos,” which opened to the public on November 10 in conjunction with the town’s “Kilit Festival.”

“Kilit” is the local name for the blue-headed racquet tail, a parrot species that is only found in Palawan.

The bird photographer said that his ultimate goal in bird photography is to showcase bird species to the public so they can appreciate their local natural treasures and take part in their conservation efforts.

Photographer Chin Fernandez is shown on the right of this image.

“Yung aking photography started as a hobby, but is now an advocacy to create awareness, promote appreciation, and inspire conservation,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez, who describes himself as a frustrated photojournalist-turned-hobbyist, advocates for the same cause as the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines, of which he is a member and has been actively promoting bird watching and photography in the province.

His photographs of wildlife and the natural world can be found on a Facebook page that he maintains under the name The Chiwit Chronicles.

“Since 2014, I have regularly participated in several photo exhibits in Manila with the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines. In Coron, I have also participated in a few exhibits but always with other photographers,” he said.

“We also conduct Birding 101 trainings here in Coron. Both for enthusiasts and for potential guides,” he added.

Fernandez also operates Darayonan Lodge and Raphaella’s Restaurant in Coron.

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