PHO notes high incidence of hypertension

The Provincial Health Office (PHO) has noted an increase in the province of cases of hypertension and has encouraged the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent the spread of such non-communicable disease.

PHO records for 2017 showed that 77 out of every 100,000 Palaweno’s have hypertension and other non-communicable diseases, with a mortality rate of 2.27 percent.

The other cases are heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, and pneumonia, according to Lutgarda Ramirez of the PHO.

She said that in 2016, their data showed there were 66 persons from every 100,000 who have hypertension, which is lower than the cases recorded in 2017.

“Increasing ang cases ng hypertension, halos non-communicable diseases. Kahit sa bansa kasama talaga sya sa top 10 na nagca-cause ng death. Noong 2016, although mas mababa pero sa rating halos pareho lang naman,” Ramirez said.

She said that there are two types of hypertension – the primary, which derives from genes, aging process, environmental factor and poor diet, and the secondary type, which is acquired through complications, medical side effect, congenital heart diseases, use of illegal drugs and chronic use of alcohol.

Ramirez also identified towns of Cuyo, Agutaya, Magsaysay, Brooke’ Point and Roxas as registering high cases of hypertension in the province.

Resurreccion Tuliao of PHO, also said that one of the factors of high mortality is the low level of health awareness, especially in the remote areas.

“Karamihan kasi hindi health conscious, pupunta lang sa ospital kapag malala na sila. Dapat habang maaga magkaroon na ng healthy lifestyle, kasi kapag nagkasakit dyan na lumalabas ang iba’t ibang complications at mas magastos,” Tuliao said.

Currently, PHO is conducting “Check na, Monitor na, Now na” program in each municipality to encourage adults to strictly monitor their heart and blood pressure.

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