Four officers of the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) were promoted to the next higher rank in a ceremony held on Monday at the headquarters of the 3rd Marine Brigade (3MBde) in Puerto Princesa City.

The 3MBde announced the promotions of Maj. Glenn Llorito, Maj. Ryan Lacuesta, Maj. Rafael Naranjo, and Cpt. Wanel Ansa, who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, expertise, and commitment to the Corps.

Col. Antonio Mangoroban Jr., the commander of the 3MBde, was present at the event and donned each officer with their new rank. The wearing of ranks is a long-standing military custom that signifies an officer’s readiness to take on new tasks and leadership roles in their military careers.

The Brigade said the newly promoted officers demonstrated their devotion to the mission of the Philippine Marine Corps and their exceptional attention to their duties, which earned them well-deserved promotions.

The 3MBde expressed its pride in the achievements of Llorito, Lacuesta, Naranjo, and Ansa, and acknowledged their hard work and commitment to serving their country.

“These officers have demonstrated exceptional leadership, expertise, and dedication to the Corps, resulting in their promotions. This accomplishment serves as a testament to their hard work and commitment to the Philippine Marine Corps’ mission,” the 3MBde said.

The 3rd Marine Brigade serves as the primary ground combat unit of the PMC and is responsible for conducting operations in the western Philippines.

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