The Philippine and US Marine Corps conducted an amphibious raid exercise Friday, April 14 in Brgy. Samariñana, Brooke’s Point, Palawan, as part of the Balikatan exercise, or BK 38-23.

The joint training aims to improve the operational skills of both countries’ armed forces and enhance their military-to-military relationships and capabilities.

During the exercise, the Philippine and US Marine Corps demonstrated their proficiency in executing the amphibious raid scenario.

It also included the deployment of various equipment, such as landing craft, amphibious assault vehicles, and support vessels. The troops executed the landing with precision, ensuring the safe transportation of all personnel and equipment to the beachhead.

Senior commanders who were present during the event commended the troops for their performance.

Philippine Navy’s Commander of the Fleet-Marine Ready Force and the head of the BK 38-23 Naval Component Brig. Gen. Edwin Amadar expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the training.

“The main objective of the Balikatan Exercise is to test the two countries’ tactics, techniques, and procedures and further enhance interoperability between them in conducting operations,” Amadar said.

“The successful execution of this challenging exercise by the participating team reinforces the commitment of both countries to provide the best possible training to their forces. Amphibious operations require a high level of coordination, skill, and expertise, and the troops showed all these qualities in spades,” WESCOM also said in a statement.

BK 38-23, the largest PH-US joint military exercise to date, aims to enhance the interoperability and readiness of both forces, while strengthening the strategic partnership between the two nations amid the simmering tension in the South China Sea.

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