Pakpak Lauin Resort in Talaudyong, Barangay Bacungan. (Photo from Pakpak-Lauin Day Tour Destination)

The inaugural Puerto Princesa City leg of the Philippine Beach Games (PBG) 2024 is set to make waves at the Pakpak Lauin Resort in Sitio Talaudyong, Barangay Bacungan, this coming July, organizers announced on Thursday.

“As the second leg of PBG 2024, this event promises to be a dynamic showcase of beach and indoor sports, introducing and welcoming its first edition in Puerto Princesa City,” they said in a statement.

The city leg will feature 10 sports, such as Indoor Rowing, Flag Football, Beach Volleyball, Air Badminton, Beach Roundnet, Beach Ultimate, Cornhole, Petanque, and Beach Sepak Takraw, and Beach Floorball. They are open to all, providing competition and casual participation opportunities.

Puerto Princesa Tourism Officer Demetrio Alvior Jr. expressed his enthusiasm for hosting the event, stating it is part of key efforts to establish the city as “Sports Tourism” hub.

“We are thrilled to welcome everyone to PBG 2024 Puerto Princesa. This initiative is a key part of our efforts to establish Puerto Princesa as the next sports tourism destination. We are glad to be working alongside the Philippine Beach Games,” Demetrio said.

The event will feature collaborations with Palawan Five30 Ultimate (Beach Ultimate), Palawan Volleyball Enthusiast (PVE) (Beach Volleyball), Philippine Floorball Association (Beach Floorball), Badminton Dayo PH (Air Badminton), Cornhole Philippines (Cornhole), Philippine Petanque Clubs Association (Petanque), Roundnet Philippines (Beach Roundnet), Philippine Flag Football League (Beach Flag Football), 7 Sepak Takraw Club Puerto Princesa (Beach Sepak Takraw), and Philippine Rowing Association (Indoor Rowing).

Established in 2017, the Philippine Beach Games (PBG) stands as a pioneering endeavor led by JP Demontaño, its Founder and President. Rooted in a vision to transform the sporting arena, PBG has grown into a leading platform committed to spotlighting the globe’s rapidly expanding beach sports scene.

PBG has expanded into an important event that brings together professional and amateur athletes from both the Philippines and beyond, providing a range of competitions.

“We’re proud to have our new and old sports organization partners joining us for this first edition of PBG 2024 Puerto Princesa,” Demontaño said.

Demontaño said that at the heart of PBG lies a commitment to promoting active lifestyles, fostering community engagement, and championing sports tourism. With a focus on introducing alternative sports and providing training opportunities at the grassroots level, PBG strives to empower individuals of all ages and abilities to embrace the joy of beach sports.

Furthermore, he said the PBG is proud to support Puerto Princesa City’s initiatives in sports tourism, helping to establish it as a premier destination for sports enthusiasts.