PESO advises job seekers to work for, not demand, promotion

PESO officer reminds that job promotions do not come easy (Photo by AJ Berdisola/file photo)

Job seekers should not expect to be promoted immediately after they are hired by companies to fill in entry-level positions, the Public Employment and Services Office (PESO) in Palawan said.

PESO labor and employment officer Nida Villadolid this week stated this after noting that many job seekers think this can happen overnight.

“Promotions do not happen overnight. The problem is that many are resigning from their jobs in pursuit of high positions in another job. They should not expect too much,” she stated.

She reminded that job promotions do not come easy, they will only do so, if workers perform well and if they are qualified.

“We have to remember that just because they do not like their job positions, does not mean they will have the same job forever. There will come a time when promotions will come knocking on their doors,” she said.

She said that the PESO will always lend its hand to those who are seeking to be employed. But they have to remember that their hiring depends on how they present and market themselves to the employers.

“The applicants will still have to sell themselves to the employers. They have to show them what their qualifications are, and how they will be responsible. But our office is here to help,” she said.

Villadolid also said that aside from the know-how, the applicants should also possess good behavior. “They should not just only be knowledgeable of their job’s know-how, but also have the proper attitude they need to show at work,” she added.

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