In a significant step towards crime prevention and community empowerment, the first-ever Council Meeting of People Empowerment Against Crime Elements, or PEACE Palawan, took place yesterday at the VJR Hall in the provincial capitol.

The meeting on July 21 was chaired by Jerwin Castigador, the chairman of KADRE and PEACE Palawan, along with Rene Gavilaga, president of Ugnayang Maralitang Sektor (UMS), who served as co-presiding officer.

The Provincial Information Office (PIO) said that during the gathering, various matters were discussed, including the successful implementation of recent activities and the upcoming plans of PEACE Palawan.

It also focused on the official confirmation of member organizations and the adoption of the Organizations Program and Activities scheduled from July to December 2023.

PEACE Palawan was established on October 29, 2022, with the aim of fostering collaboration among diverse organizations from both private and public sectors.

The PIO said this collective effort is supported by the provincial government, led by the Peace and Order Council, as part of the Palawan Task Force’s comprehensive Whole of a Nation Approach to address and end local communist armed conflict (ELCAC) in the region.

Among the activities undertaken by PEACE Palawan are relief distribution, youth leadership summit, Unity Walk for Peace, gift-giving initiatives, and community service projects, all geared towards promoting peace and harmony within the local communities.

The council meeting marks a crucial milestone in the fight against crime and the cultivation of a secure environment in Palawan, as it brings together various stakeholders united in their commitment to work collectively towards a safer and more prosperous society.

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