The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) ECAN Zones Management Division (EZMED) held a 5-day deputation training on environmental law enforcement to capacitate the Bantay Gubat program in San Vicente’s northern town.

According to the PCSDS, the training includes a variety of topics that will assist environmental law enforcement officers in identifying and preventing environmental offenses such as wildlife trafficking and illegal logging.

Participants will also learn about suitable processes and protocols for dealing with environmental problems through practical exercises and simulations that will prepare them for real-life events.

“The training is vital for the preservation of Palawan’s biodiversity, which is home to several endemic and endangered species. This is an essential program that provides Bantay Gubat officers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively enforce environmental laws and regulations,” PCSDS said.

Among the topics discussed were RA 7611 or Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan Act, the Legal Framework for Wildlife Enforcement, RA9175 or the Chainsaw Act, and PCSD Administrative Order No. 07, as amended, RA 9147 or Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act and related PCSD Administrative Order No. 12, CITES and IUCN provisions and Philippine Biodiversity: Its state, values, and significance, PCSD Resolution 15-521 or List of Threatened Species, permits and what to look for when examining permits in situ, PCSD Administrative Order Nos. 5, 6, 11, RA 9082 or the Caves Act

Wildlife Species Familiarization and Wildlife Handling Methods were also discussed by Salvador L. Guion of the Palawan Wildlife and Conservation Center, while officials from the San Vicente Municipal Police Office discussed Picture Documentation and Stages in the Application for a Search Warrant.

“The conduct of the PCSDS-EZMED in organizing this training underscores the agency’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and environmental protection in Palawan,” PCSDS said.

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