The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) – District Management Office (DMD) South tackled important environmental issues during recent Environmentally Critical Areas Network (ECAN) Board Meetings in Narra and Rizal, Palawan.

The Narra ECAN Board meeting centered on evaluating proposed development projects in the municipality.

Discussions included the establishment of a Special Environmental Protection (SEP) Monitoring Team to oversee environmentally responsible project implementation.

Dennis Creach Barcelona from PCSDS Legal Services Section detailed PCSDS AO 6, Revised Guidelines in the Implementation of SEP Clearance System, and PCSDS AO 7, Revised Implementing Rules and Regulation of the Chainsaw Act of 2002.

Meanwhile, the Rizal ECAN Board meeting focused on reviewing Wildlife Special Use Permit (WSUP) Applications and addressing issues such as Almaciga Collection and Trade.

The District Management Offices, serving as the ECAN Board Secretariat, ensured regular meetings to discuss pertinent environmental concerns.

Ma. Cristina Rodriguez and Janet Felizarte represented DMD South in the Narra ECAN Board, while Ian Christian A. Vega and Jonamarie C. Licpan participated in the Rizal ECAN Board meeting.

PCSD Resolution No. 05-250 designates ECAN Boards as local multi-sectoral bodies coordinating and advising LGUs.

The PCSDS highlighted that the ECAN Boards play a crucial role in developing plans for environmental protection, sustainable resource utilization, and ensuring compatibility of development projects in the area.