To mark the 27th anniversary of the Strategic Environment Plan for Palawan (SEP ), the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) will hold the “Burunyogan sa Palawan” on June 19.

Buronyogan is a Cuyonon word, which means “a meetup or gathering for a dialogue”.

Nelson Devanadera, executive director of PCSDS told Palawan News Monday that this year’s theme will be “Palawan Noon, Ngayon, at sa Darating na Panahon”.

PCSD photo exhibit showing important events that happened after the SEP law was passed on June 19, 1992, to the present. Each image represents the history and milestones of the strategic environmental plan and the PCSD leading to 27 years of service to protect the province’s environment.

The PCSD will have a meeting of the older and younger generation to discuss ideas and formulate “strategies that could help map Palawan’s sustainable future.”

“SEP Anniversary is Palawan Noon, Ngayon, at sa Darating na Panahon. So [this will be] a mix of all ages — today and the millennials. There will be about 12 tables, 10 participants per table, iba’t-ibang ages ‘yon. Exchange of ideas ‘yon, ng thoughts, of what they observed and experience yesteryears, of what is happening today, and then what will be done tomorrow,” Devanadera said.

He said they will have a round-table discussion that will focus on the province’s water security, food security, energy, space, settlements, industrial zones, and pollution and solid waste issues.

PCSD is a multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary body created by the SEP Law that is mandated to “govern and implement policy direction”.

The SEP Law was signed on June 19, 1992, ordering a total commercial log ban in Palawan and promoting sustainability through the creation of strategies that balance development with environmental conservation.

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