Image from PCSD


The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) has reported an increase in the number of people turning over to their custody captive Asian box and leaf turtles.

PCSD Staff spokesperson Jovic Fabello told Palawan News in a phone interview that since January they had 15 cases of turtles turned over to their custody.

“We are really grateful to those concerned citizens of Puerto Princesa and Palawan for turning over the wildlife species to the PCSDS. This only shows that Palaweños still care for the environment and are fully aware of the consequences if wildlife is not treated and protected well,” he said.

Fabello said they continue to appeal to residents of the city and province to turn over any wildlife species they will find astray or being sold in the pet trade by unscrupulous individuals.

Image from PCSD

He said their Monitoring and Enforcement Unit (MEU) in the municipalities can be contacted in case a wildlife species is found or rescued.