PCSD plans to implement close and open season for edible bird’s nest gathering

Edible bird’s nest (Photo: livescience.com)

The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development is studying the possibility of implementing an open and close season for bird’s nest gathering which is one of the major livelihoods in the northern part of Palawan.


Jovic Fabello, in-charge of cave management unit of PCSDS said that production of edible bird’s nest last year has declined based on the production volume report.


A study is needed to determine the population of balinsasayaw or swiftlet and the volume of edible bird’s nest produced.


Fabello added that it is also important to provide alternative livelihood to gatherers or busyador during close season.


Gathering of edible bird’s nest usually starts January to May. The months of June and August is the close season to give way for the swiftlets to form the nest.


A forum was held by PCSD recently with stakeholders which discussed the sustainability of the livelihood activity.


The towns of El Nidp and Taytay are among the top producers of edible bird’s nest which provide livelihood to many busyador.


The price of edible bird’s nest ranges from P 160,000 per kilo for class A nest, P 120,000 per kilo for class B and P50,000 per kilo for class C.


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