PCSD Executive Director Nelson Devanadera with Palawan Vice Governor Dennis Socrates during the 1st Buronyogan sa Palawan

The first “Buronyogan sa Palawan” highlighted the 27th year celebration of the passage of the Strategic Environment Plan (SEP) of Palawan law or Republic Act 7611.

The Buronyogan sa Palawan, which translates to “meet up of Palaweños for a purposeful dialogue”, was led by Nelson Devanadera, executive director of Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD).

Devanadera, in a talk, said the council will focus on food, energy, and water security along with ecological conservation, peace and order and the determination of the province’s allowable population capacity.

“We need to be ready for the future to make all these things secured. Ito ‘yong [tunay na] sustainability. We will put details to these that action plans be developed out of these,” he said.

He pointed out a need to have “concrete and doable plans with the stakeholders’ participation.”

The PCSD also vowed to strengthen its campaign against illegal wildlife activities and all actions that will destroy the environment.

“With a long term blueprint, every year, ‘yan ngayon ang susundan ng mga agencies and private sector. It’s not only the national and local government and civil society but also the private sector,” he said.