PCG District Palawan commander Capt. Dennis Rem Labay (3rd from left) and past director Rear Adm. Rosalyn Jasper (3rd from right) of the 402nd Auxiliary Squadron of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) lead the collection of used oil from attendees of the Used Oil Fiesta on March 10 at the People's Amphitheater in Mendoza Park. | Photo from CGAD Palawan

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) auxiliary force in Palawan held an event in the city to get people thinking about how important it is to properly dispose of used oil to protect the environment.

Used oil refers to an oil that has already been tainted by physical or chemical impurities, such as motor oil, transmission oil, and brake fluids.

The event, titled “Used Oil Fiesta 2023,” took place on March 10 at a time when northern Palawan towns are preparing to save their coastlines from what could be catastrophic effects of the oil spillage caused by a tanker that sank in Mindoro.

Past director Rear Adm. Rosalyn Jasper of the 402nd Auxiliary Squadron of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) said that the joint project with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) District Palawan under the leadership of its commander, Capt. Dennis Rem Labay, is a celebration of the community’s work to keep the environment clean and free of pollution.

She noted that organizing the used oil festival as a means of raising awareness is a way of giving back to the environment for all the benefits it provides. It is a campaign to encourage corporations, organizations, local government units (LGUs), and individuals to dispose of their used oil appropriately or deliver it to the licensed companies responsible for recycling.

Three drums, or 624 liters of used oil, were collected at the event that was attended by around 300 residents. The used oil, she said, will be properly disposed with the help of the PCG District in the province.

The PCG also notified that residents can drop off their spent oil at their station in the port area, as well as at other recognized Coast Guard outposts so they can help in properly disposing them. For the used oil event, it partnered with Columbian Petroleum Products Traiding, a company that is duly authorized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to collect used oil.

Spent oil can be recycled using modern technology, eliminating the need for inappropriate disposal and reducing any environmental damage, particularly to the water resources that are the primary source of livelihood for the people of Palawan.

A declaration of commitment was also signed by the attendees to express their support to the project.

Other agencies that participated in the event included Petron Petroleum Palawan Terminal, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Palawan Terminal, FilOil Logistic Corporation, Caltex, Hue Hotel, ChinaTown Center, Palawan Power Generator Incorporated, Oceanic Container Lines, and others.

*** Jazzuri Thea Guzman and Kyle Gwynlee Dagot, senior high school students at Puerto Princesa City National Science High School, are media interns at Palawan News under the Humanities and Social Sciences Work Immersion Program.