The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said that a patrol flight conducted on Tuesday in the West Philippine Sea using their Cessna Caravan 2081 has verified the presence of two navigational buoys in their designated locations, contradicting previous reports suggesting their removal.

The PCG explained in a post that the conduct of a maritime domain awareness (MDA) flight on June 6 was to assess the status of navigational buoys in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) in response to concerns raised regarding the navigational buoys at Balagtas and Julian Felipe Reefs.

The buoys play a significant role in ensuring safe navigation for vessels operating in the area, particularly in determining maritime boundaries and delineating shipping routes.

The PCG said the MDA flight proved instrumental in dispelling any doubts surrounding the presence of the buoys.

The aerial assessment revealed that both navigational buoys were still in their original positions, reaffirming the Philippine government’s commitment to upholding its territorial sovereignty and protecting its sovereign rights in the region.

PCG commandant Adm. Artemio Abu stated that the outcome of the mission was successful in verifying the navigational buoys, and that it underscores their unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and security of Philippine waters.

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