A 72-year-old British man, Christopher Chapel, was left stranded in Palawan after a P&O Cruises ship departed without him.

Chapel spent $22,000 for a world trip, but his journey took an unexpected turn when he had signs of heat stroke while on board, according to cruiseradio.net in a report posted on April 25. During his medical examinations, he discovered that he had suffered a mild heat stroke. However, by then the ship had already departed.

Due to his condition, physicians declared him unfit to fly to Manila, so he was forced to travel by boat accompanied by medical personnel. After a 14-hour ship journey, they arrived in Manila, where they caught a flight back to the United Kingdom.

The report said it was “fortunate” that Chapel had travel insurance, which covered his medical expenses and travel arrangements. Although he missed the remainder of his world cruise, he was grateful for the assistance he received from the medical staff and the travel insurance company.