(Photo from Brooke's Point Tourism, Culture and Arts)

About 100 parols made by prisoners in the Brooke’s Point District Jail are the most important decorations on the town’s 40-foot-tall Christmas tree.

Brooke’s Point District Jail said in a post that the parols, including the star placed on top of the giant Christmas tree, were handcrafted by the PDLs from their jail unit, especially for the town’s holiday festivities.

The Brooke’s Point Tourism Office, in a separate statement on social media, thanked the District Jail and the PDLs for their contributions to the town’s Christmas display.

“Maraming salamat po BJMP Brooke’s Point at mga PDL sa paggawa ng 100pcs na makukulay at magagandang parol para sa ating giant Christmas tree. Isa po kayo sa dahilan kaya po lumiwanag ang ating Town Plaza,” the tourism office said.

Brooke’s Point’s giant Christmas tree was lit on Monday, December 5, along with the other Christmas displays around the town plaza.

In his message, Brooke’s Point mayor Cesareo Benedito highlighted that the giant Christmas tree and other Yuletide festivities were what the local government was offering to its townspeople.