In response to the consecutive power outages experienced in the municipality of El Nido due to a shortage in supply, with a recorded peak demand of 6.4 MW for the month of April 2023, the Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO), led by general manager Engr. Rez L. Contrivida, has implemented immediate solutions.

One of the initiatives was the concerted effort to increase the total supply capacity by constructing a new rental unit from Aggreko on May 26th to 27th, PALECO said in a recent statement.

PALECO said this resulted in a significant increase in the total supply capacity, elevating it from the previous 4.49 MW of the National Power Corporation Diesel Power Plant (NAPOCOR DPP) to the current 8.85 MW.

Furthermore, the power cooperative said that in their commitment to ensuring a reliable electricity supply in the acclaimed tourist spot and addressing the pressing demands of the business sector, which has been greatly affected, Contrivida reached out to the administrator of the National Electrification Administration (NEA), Atty. Antonio Mariano Almeda.

“Ang hakbang na ito ay nagresulta sa pagpapadala sa nasabing munisipyo ng karagdagang makina na maaaring mag suplay ng 1-2 MW na inaaasahang dumating sa ikalawang linggo ng Hunyo,” PALECO stated.

Just this past March, Unit No. 7 of the NAPOCOR, which is responsible for supplying electricity to the municipalities of Cuyo and Magsaysay, suffered a breakdown.

PALECO said that unfortunately, this resulted in approximately two months of load shedding and rotational blackouts, significantly impacting the daily lives of residents and businesses in these towns.

Although the NPC has confirmed the repair of the damaged unit, there remains a noticeable supply shortage.

PALECO said this prompted the management to coordinate with NAPOCOR for an immediate resolution.

“Ang mahalagang hakbang na ito ay nagdulot ng karagdagan na generating unit sa planta ng NPC na nagmula sa People International Enterprise Company (PIEPCO),” PALECO said.

Currently, the NPC plant in Cuyo, Palawan, has a total plant capacity of 3.1 MW, which exceeds the required capacity of the two municipalities, which is only 1.465 MW.