The Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO) Board of Directors has authorized General Manager Engr. Rez L. Contrivida to form a Technical Working Group (TWG) to review its current Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws (ACBL) and provide suggestions for potential changes to be submitted to the General Assembly.

This decision was made in Board Resolution No. 99, Series of 2023. The TWG was formally appointed on April 28, through Board Resolution No. 131, Series of 2023.

It is composed of member-consumer-owners (MCO) from various sectors of society. The members of the TWG were given specific duties, and their roles were outlined in the said resolution.

The TWG is tasked to review the ACBL in preparation for the upcoming 41st Annual General Assembly Meeting (AGAM) of the cooperative, scheduled for May 20, where one of the agenda items is the amendment of the AC/BL.

PALECO said the TWG is composed of Atty. Philip Ray L. Nangkil, representing various consultant organizations in Palawan; Grace P. Estefano, from the education sector and representing women, youth, and advocacy groups for cooperative reforms; Raul A. Grande, a businessman representing various associations related to commerce and industry; Antonio N. Magbanua Jr., a retired police officer representing indigenous peoples and peacekeepers; Dr. Antonio P. Cabrestante, a government employee and real estate practitioner representing employees in government and those engaged in construction and development activities; Lolita V. Carbonell, a retired employee representing senior citizens and retired employees from both the public and private sectors; Gudulla G. Sarsagat, a media practitioner promoting freedom of the press and representing sectors related to it; Atty. Regidor B. Tulali, a lawyer from the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) representing lawyers, Muslim communities, and other public practice professions that are not technical; Fr. Eugene Elivera, representing the religious sector, grassroots communities, and the urban poor sector; and Engr. Teofe C. Cadiz, a public practitioner representing technical professions from the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of The Philippines, Inc. (IIEE). Dr. Erlinda A. Ganapin, a member of Palawan State University (PSU) Cooperative and a former university official, represents supervisory and managerial departments and all cooperatives.

Atty. Nangkil was elected as the chairperson of the TWG, and Estefano was elected as the vice-chairperson. The TWG is expected to provide valuable insights into the ACBL’s strengths and weaknesses and recommend necessary changes to ensure that the cooperative’s operations align with the best interests of its members, according to PALECO.