The Technical Working Group (TWG) of Palawan Electric Cooperative is calling for the participation of member-consumer-owners (MCOs) to reach the quorum in the annual meeting and discuss the proposed amendments to the Articles of Cooperation and By-laws (ACBL).

Atty. Philip Ray Nangkil, representing various consultant organizations in Palawan and chair of the group, stated that TWG is aiming to reach 2/3 of MCOs with voting rights, which is equivalent to 50,000 participants out of a total of 75,000 MCOs with voting rights, needed for the adoption of the ACBL.

“Kami ay nag-interpret na worst case scenario na tayo. Sabihin natin na 2/3 with voting rights, iyon ang gusto namin i-challenge ang aming mga sarili and ito rin ang paraan na ating MCOs ay makapag-participate talaga. Hindi lang kaunting numero lang pag may general assembly,” he said.

PALECO still needs to clarify with the CDA where the 2/3 comes from. PALECO by-laws declare that it should be 2/3 of AGAM participants, but CDA RA 9520 provides for 2/3 with voting rights out of the total MCO number.

The amendment of Articles of Cooperation and By-laws is part of the agenda of AGAM 2023. The conduct of AGAM only needs five percent of 132,000 MCOs, which is around 8,000.

In 2022, PALECO failed to reach a quorum, resulting in the deferment of the agenda, including the amendment of Articles and By-laws.

The TWG aims to achieve a participation of 50,000 MCOs on May 20 and is considering the possibility of conducting a special general assembly to discuss the amendment once it is completed.

AGAM will be held in a hybrid setup, with both virtual and physical participation, and will take place simultaneously at the Palawan National School gymnasium, Narra gymnasium, and Roxas gymnasium.

“May mga proposal din kami sa TWG para mapadali pero ang gusto natin from the very start ay mag-participate ang MCOs,” he said.

TWG is now on its fifth meeting, and some proposed amendments include presenting the annual budget to the general assembly before submitting it to NEA. It also aims to broaden the qualifications of BOD members, including requiring them to pass neuropsychiatric and drug tests.

The TWG will provide the minutes of previous meetings to share the proposals made since the group was established.

The TWG is also considering laws from governing bodies of PALECO such as the National Electrification Administration (NEA) and Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). It is the first TWG established by PALECO, and Nangkil views it as a “welcome development.”

PALECO Information Officer Janelle Rebusada stated that the TWG will function until the adoption of amendments. It can be recalled that TWG was created after the resolutions made by the BOD.

“Ang ginagawa ng TWG natin ay ituloy-tuloy kung ano yong nakikita nila na maaari pa maging amendment pa sa by-laws,” she said.

Aside from the Articles of Cooperation and By-laws, the AGAM will also discuss the declaration of dividends and patronage refund for the net surplus in 2019 to 2021; electing members of audit and election committee; recognition of established committees of mediation and reconciliation, education and training, gender and development and ethics; presentation of social development plan for 2023; and presentation of capital expenditures for 2023 to 2027.